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Special applications

These are applications created for:

- Production needs
- Unstable products
- Customer requests


Created to address the needs of the laundering sector, this is a reliable, fast and easy to use machine.
Lengthwise self-sizing machine capable of packaging products of variable size at a high rate.
Perfect for packaging curtains, towels, table cloths, etc
in individual or group formats.

SIRIO 75 P90 1R

Ideal for high productivity.
Perfect for unstable products in a single line, reliable and easy to use.

SIRIO 75 2P 90 1E
SIRIO 75 P 90 2R with channeller

These are machines suitable for packaging the following products.

Bags with a rectangular bottom made from plastic composite or paper materials containing sugar, flour, cereals, coffee, etc....

Bricks containing milk and beverages.

Cardboard boxes containing salt, sugar and cereals.

Sirio 75 2P 90 1E

 Sirio 75 P 90 2R with channeller

Machine for packaging bundles of bottles, tins and 3x2 jars in Multipacks of 4 bundles.
It is inserted downstream of packaging and heat shrinking lines with the possibility to group bundles in Multipacks or to function as a conveyor belt for bundles that do not have to be grouped.

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