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Sirio 90°

Automatic machines with product feed at 90° with 1 or 2 tracks, pusher unit with multi-row pre-counting.

Version with additional upper rotating rods for transfer of the product beyond the welding bar, with insertion of the cardboard divider under the product.

Suitable for packaging heavy, irregular products, individual or grouped, in the desired formats.

Technical features
Available models
Technical features  
Models P90°-1E P90°-2E P90°-1F P90°-2F
Bar (mm) 750 750 700 700
Max. Spool Width (mm) 730 730 680 680
Max. package width (mm) The width of the package is
proportional to its height.
Max. package height (mm) 380 380 380 380
Divider dimensions     Min 175x250
Max 300x400
Tunnel entrance dimensions (mm) 600X400h
Tunnel chamber length (mm) 1500
Machine length (mm) 4500 4690 5000 5130
Machine width (mm) 2300 3300 3300 3300
Machine height (mm) 2100 2100 2100 2100
Work Surface Height Standard 850   +/-25
Machine weight (Kg) 1580 1850 2100 2380
Electrical Power Supply 200X3-T  /   400x3+N+T
Electrical Power (Kw) 24 28 28 28
Electrical Consumption (Kw/h) 12 14 14 14
Pneumatic power supply (bar) 6 6 6 6
Air consumption per minute (NL) 200 210 200 210
Max. production per minute 8-10 10-12 8-10 10-12
The features indicated may be subject to change
Available models
. With film only with 1 or 2 entrance tracks
  Sirio 70  P90°1E / P90°2E / 1R (Up to 8/10 Packages / min.)

. With film or film+cardboard divider
  Sirio 75 P90°1F / P90°2F (Up to 10/12 Packages / min.)
Available optionals
Additional 400 mm coimenate cappette positioned at the tunnel exit.


Too full photocell at tunnel exit is recommended when the machine is inserted in an automatic production cycle. The system allows automatic management of product accumulation at the tunnel outlet without having packages blocked inside the tunnel.


Pneumatic product pressing unit for unstable packages, with adjustable height, holds the package in position before the welding bar descends


Film presser roller unit installed at the tunnel outlet compacts the excess film that remains on the sides of the package when total closure of the package is required


Upper and lower film spool cutting unit using just one spool in order to package small or medium sized products on 2-3 tracks for increased production and optimized use of the machine's potential.

Electrical hoist unit for lifting the upper film spool

Photo not available
Upper and lower film unspooling units with entry at 90°
Photo not available
Product containment guides positioned after the welding bar


Pneumatic lifting of the film towing roller to facilitate spool change operations.
Manual lifting of the lower/upper spool joint in order to speed up changing.


Product protection lateral guides positioned inside the tunnel.
Machine mounted on wheels so that it can be moved without the aid of lifting equipment
Roller conveyor with thick rollers positioned at the tunnel exit, under the package cooling unit. Especially useful for packaging groups of products using film only. These rollers facilitate the passage of the packages without causing any disintegration of them, resulting in a compact bundle once it is cooled.
Automatic height adjustment of the welding bar. Photo not available
Semiautomatic or automatic bundle ejection system inside the tunnel chamber by means of appropriate devices. Photo not available
Polyester canvas rectilinear conveyer belts arranged in various measurements controlled by motion variator for automatic product movement. Photo not available
Rectilinear idle roller conveyors for gravitational transport and accumulation of products Photo not available
Motorised roller conveyors with clutched rectilinear rollers, available in various measurements controlled by motion variator for automatic product movement. Photo not available
Motorised 90°-180° curves with thermoplastic resin "flex" chain controlled by motion variator for automatic product movement. Photo not available
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