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Antares 170 +  Centauro 160

Automatic machine with welding bar with feed and outlet conveyor variable according to the length of the products.
Perfect line for packaging cumbersome products of any kind such as: Heaters, sofas, bicycles, lumber, doors, deckchairs, garden tables,etc........

Technical features
Available models
Technical features
Model: Antares 170
Bar (mm) 1700
Max. Spool Width (mm) 1680
Max. package width (mm) The width of the package is proportional to its height.
Max. package height (mm) 580
Machine length (mm) 4120
Machine width (mm) 2480
Machine height (mm) 2250
Work Surface Height Standard 850 (+-25)
Machine weight (Kg) 1600
Electrical Power Supply 230x3ph-400x3ph+N
Electrical Power (Kw) 3,5
Electrical Consumption (Kw/h) 1,7
Pneumatic power supply (bar) 6
Air consumption per minute (NL) 320
Max. production per minute 5-6
The features indicated may be subject to change
Available models
. Single model
  Antares 170+Centuro160 (Up to 5/6 Packages / min.)
Available optionals
Product containment guides positioned after the welding bar


Bundle cooling unit installed at the outlet of the tunnel to reduce the cooling time of the package making it more compact for subsequent handling

Film presser roller unit installed at the tunnel outlet compacts the excess film that remains on the sides of the package when total closure of the package is required


Product protection lateral guides positioned inside the tunnel.
Machine mounted on wheels so that it can be moved without the aid of lifting equipment
Roller conveyor with thick rollers positioned at the tunnel exit, under the package cooling unit. Especially useful for packaging groups of products using film only. These rollers facilitate the passage of the packages without causing any disintegration of them, resulting in a compact bundle once it is cooled.
Film spool insertion rollers - upper and lower - facilitate the operator in changing the spool.
Automatic end of spool system is a safety system that stops the film entering the rollers when the spool is finished, thereby avoiding possible damage and prolonged system downtime.

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